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Saturday December 5 2015

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2000 Slide Show
This series of pictures has been re-linked as a slide show with captions. Images have been ordered from Big Laurel NC in the south toward Ashford VA in the north.

2006 Slide Show
This new sequence of photos follows the RR starting in the north at the town of Ashford VA, and follows it south town by town to Big Laurel NC. Comparison with the earlier pictures will reveal a lot of new things

A fairly large group of us from as far as a couple of hours away meet monthly to operate on Jack's empire, and a grand time is had by all. Jack uses a Digitrax Chief DCC system, and a number of us bring our own radio and plug-in controllers to augment the supply. Operation is by card order and takes place on the first Saturday evening of each month and the preceeding Friday. Operations require 12-18 people. Visiting engineers are always welcome. E-mail Jim Thomas ator Martin Oakes atif you'd like to attend. Directions to Jack's

The P&W actually resides in two different buildings joined by two "connecting" lines, one single track, the other double track. The connector itself is a layout high covered tunnel that bridges the space between the two buildings. The sides are removable for access to problem trains, such as having too little motive power to make the steep grades present in the connectors.

Jack's layout has been over 50 years in the building which is evidenced by the beautiful scenery and wealth of detail found throughout. Some of these small mountain towns have only recently received electric lights.

Future dreams include moving the P&W into a new building with meeting and museum areas included. This new plan eliminates all operational duck under's and opens up the aisles to 4' or greater at all points. All passing sidings would increase by 3' in length as well, allowing longer trains to be operated. All existing scenery remains largely intact. Many areas that formerly were against walls would become accessible for operation from both sides.

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